Kindly contact us immediately through email. Include pertinent details on the Doctoral school/s, program/s, and your research proposal.

  • Sandwich programs and other research endeavors are eligible for the CHED-PhilFrance Scholarships as long as their minimum duration is 10 months (1 academic year) spent in France 
  • The scholarship application procedure is the same as those applying for graduate programs
  • Note on post-doctorates: They have the reputation of being notoriously complicated in terms of an administrative point of view but remain eligible for this scholarship program
    • Post-doctoral candidates are responsible to secure and finalize their admission from the host institution in France prior to the scholarship application 
    • The essential document to have is the convention d’accueil — requested by your host institution in France and approved (stamped) by the local Préfecture


Master’s and PhD programs: September 2018 iintake, deadline on 13 April 2018 at 4 PM.

In this (unlikely) case, please contact us before submitting your scholarship application, stating clearly the programs and HEIs you wish to apply for.

  • You can still apply for the CHED-PhilFrance Scholarships even if you are applying/have applied to graduate programs in a private French HEI (non-state regulated course/s).
  • Applicants are encouraged to look into supplemental sources of funding such as through their home universities (Philippine HEIs).
  • Please note that selected scholars may only avail one award from the Philippine government, with rare exceptions  (for example, dual financing from a Philippine government agency and Philippine HEI).
    • Kindly contact us should this situation apply to you for final clarification from CHED.
  • Frais d’inscription en université (University registration fees) at public universities are regulated by the French government at the following annual rates (as of 2017):
    • Master: €256
    • Doctorate: €391
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that registration fees of the program they are interested in are within this parameter.
  • Please visit the Other resources section of the site which contains links to program search engines, information sheets, and infographics on state-regulated courses and the French public university system.

NB: It is essential to understand and not to confuse the distinction between these two terms to be able to identify eligible programs:

  • Registration fees = frais d’inscription en université 
  • Tuition fees = frais de scolarité 
  • All academic disciplines (not technical or vocational) are valid. 
  • Certificate programs are ineligible because they are not sanctioned by a degree.