Eligible programs

  1. A degree-awarding graduate program (Master’s or PhD) from a French higher education institution
  2. Candidates are free to apply to any program of their choice and can submit more than one application per cycle. However, the scholarship will only cover the registration fees of state-regulated courses, with limited exceptions (see below for one example)
    • Frais d’inscription en université (University registration fees) at public universities are regulated by the French government at the following annual rates (as of 2017):
      • Master: €256
      • Doctorate: €391
    • For more information on said courses, refer to these sections: FAQs and Other resources

NB: The distinction between the two following classifications is particularly important to understand and not confuse, to be able to identify eligible programs.

  • Registration fees = frais d’inscription en université 
  • Tuition fees = frais de scolarité 

A growing number of Master’s degrees are now offered in English at the state-regulated rates (see the Other Resources section for help in identifying said programs).

The majority of French PhDs are offered at state-regulated rates and an increasing number of doctoral schools have English as a working language, especially in the natural sciences.