Other conditions

  • This scholarship program will adopt the existing policies on foreign scholarships implemented by DOST-SEI;
  • The qualified applicant will pursue MS or PhD Program on a full-time basis for a maximum period of 24 or 36 months, respectively;
  • Officially enroll as full-time graduate student;
  • Not avail or enjoy any other scholarships;
  • Must have a full-time commitment to the scholarship and must not engage in any form of employment during the scholarship period;
    • Required internships (stages obligatoires) within the academic year are allowed
  • Be willing to render the required service obligation equivalent to the length of time the scholar enjoyed the scholarship-two years of service for every year of scholarship or a fraction thereof;
  • Non-completion of degree or failure to render service, preferably in his/her sending institution, may be a ground for refund in full the total financial assistance received with 12% interest to the DOST-SEI; and the salaries and other remunerations, if there is any, to his/her sending institution; and
  • Fulfill the conditions set down by the Parties for the implementation of the PhilFrance DOST Fellowship Program in accordance with regulations and the existing academic calendar in both countries.