Scholarship benefits

The scholar will receive the following financial assistance while on scholarship until completion of their graduate degrees:

From the DOST-SEI

  • Monthly living allowance (rate will depend on the place of study);
  • One round-trip economy fare from residence to place of study (one-time only in the whole duration of the study);
  • Relocation allowance; and
  • Pre-travel expenses.


From the French Embassy

Selected candidates will be given the status of boursier du gouvernement français (French government scholar) which entitles them to the following benefits:

  • Exemption from university registration fees texonération des frais d’inscription à l’université)
    • For reference – University registration fees as of January 2020: 
      • €3 770 per academic year for Master’s degrees 
      • €380 per academic year for PhD degrees 
    • NB: These amounts are not convertible to cash and it will be settled directly with the French higher education institution
  • A health care package composed of mandatory sécurité sociale (national social security coverage) and a mutuelle (supplementary insurance policy)
  • Priority access to public student housing facilities (logement étudiant CROUS)
  • Exemption from French long-stay visa application fees

NB: VFS (external visa service provider) visa fees which cost around P2000 are not covered