Scholarship benefits

Selected candidates will be given the status of boursier du gouvernement français or French government scholar which entitles them to these benefits:

  1. Frais d’inscription en université (registration fees) waiver for the entire duration of the chosen program (for state-regulated programs in public universities only)
    • Note: Due to a specific agreement made by CHED, Sciences Po, and the French Embassy, CHED will be fully financing the frais de scolarité (tuition fees) for Sciences Po’s graduate programs on top of the all the other benefits offered by the CHED-PhilFrance Scholarships.
  2. A living allowance depending on the degree and area of residence
    • For Master’s degree candidates:
      • Greater Paris area (Région Ile-de-France): €950/month
      • Elsewhere: €750/month
    • For PhD candidates: €1,200/month, regardless of their area of residence
  3. health care package composed of mandatory sécurité sociale étudiante (national health care package) and a mutuelle (supplementary policy)
  4. Airfare (one round-trip only) to the city of destination (nearest airport)