Scholarship benefits

Selected candidates will be given the status of boursier du gouvernement français (French government scholar) which entitles them to the following benefits:

  1. A tuition fee subsidy for the entire duration of the Master’s program
    • For state-regulated public universities:
      • Exemption from university registration fees texonération des frais d’inscription à l’université)
        • For reference – University registration fees as of January 2020: €3 770 per academic year for Master’s degrees
    • For other French higher education institutions: 
      • Partial tuition fee (frais de formation/frais de scolarité) subsidy, amounting to a maximum of €5 000 tnon-negotiable) covering the duration of the Master’s program
    • This subsidy is not convertible to cash and it will be paid directly to the French higher education institution
  2. A monthly stipend of €700, regardless of the city of residence
    • Includes a €700 installation allowance 
    • NB: Please note that the stipend may be suspended during internship periods (which are usually part of most graduate degree programs).
  3. health care package composed of mandatory sécurité sociale (national social security coverage) and a mutuelle (supplementary insurance policy)
  4. Priority access to public student housing facilities (logement étudiant CROUS)
  5. One roundtrip flight from Manila to the French city of destination
  6. Exemption from French long-stay visa application fees